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Urgent Counselling

Victims Assistance Program (VAP)

The Victims Assistance Program is a network of services that operate throughout Victoria. These services assist victims, their families or anyone affected by a violent crime to access information, practical support and counselling. 

Eligible victims of crime may be able to access short term counselling through the VAP to assist them in their recovery from the effects of crime. 

The current eligibility criteria for access to short term counselling through the VAP are:

  • primary victims of a violent crime (and related victims in the case of homicide/culpable driving offences) which occurred and was reported to police within the past 24 months.  The crime must have occurred in Victoria; and
  • victims of domestic violence who have been granted an intervention order within the past 24 months.

A list of the current VAP service providers (names and contact details) is available on the Victims of Crime website.


Urgent counselling expense application to the Tribunal (Interim application)

An applicant may make an application for interim financial assistance for counselling expenses at any time prior to the final determination of their application.  Applications for interim awards of financial assistance are made in writing to the Tribunal, setting out the reasons and urgency for the interim request.  The bulk of awards made awarding interim financial assistance are for counselling expenses, both reports and counselling sessions.  Interim awards may also be made to cover expenses that arise and need to be paid prior to the application being finalised, such as urgent relocation or security expenses.

The documentation required in support of an interim application for counselling is outlined on the Counselling Applications page.

Before the Tribunal can consider an application for interim financial assistance, the applicant must have completed and lodged an Application for Assistance form with the Tribunal or filed an application online. 



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