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Medical Expenses

What are medical expenses?

Medical expenses include expenses for dental, optometry, physiotherapy, as well as hospital (surgery and anaesthesia) and ambulance expenses.

Sometimes a victim of a violent crime may be eligible to receive financial assistance from other sources to pay for medical expenses, such as from the Transport Accident Commission for crimes involving a motor vehicle or from WorkCover if the crime occurred at work.  Some victims may also be eligible for Medicare or private health insurance rebates for some of their medical expenses.  Applicants should seek assistance from these sources (if relevant) before applying to the Tribunal for financial assistance for those expenses.


How to apply for financial assistance for medical expenses

Applicants seeking financial assistance for medical expenses will need to lodge an Application online or file an Application for Assistance form with the Tribunal.

Urgent medical expenses can be paid for by way of an interim award of financial assistance where the Tribunal considers it appropriate.

All claims for financial assistance for medical expenses must be supported by medical evidence of the injury suffered by the applicant and the link between the injury and the crime committed.  The Tribunal will require documents demonstrating the injury and the expense, such as copies of medical bills, invoices, receipts of payment and Medicare rebate details before reimbursing the applicant for the cost of the medical expenses incurred (as appropriate).

If the applicant attended a public hospital the Tribunal may obtain the hospital records directly from the hospital.  If the applicant attended a doctor, dentist, surgeon or other provider who has recommended that the applicant require future treatment, the applicant will be required to obtain a report from that person confirming the injury suffered and link to recommended treatment.

The Tribunal will usually reimburse the applicant for the cost of obtaining reports.


Documentation required in support of a claim for medical expenses

The following documentation should be filed in support of claims for medical expenses: 

  • a report from a medical practitioner/dentist linking the treatment provided/proposed to the injury sustained by the applicant (the report should detail the proposed treatment plan); and
  • receipts, invoices or quotes substantiating the expense claimed (may also include ambulance expenses).


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