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Determining an Application

Determining an Applicaton
This section contains information about the requirements that must be met before the Tribunal can make an award of financial assistance and the arrangements for hearing an application for financial assistance.

The Tribunal may award financial assistance to an applicant if it is satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that:

  • a violent crime occurred (referred to as an act of violence in the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996);
  • the applicant is a primary, secondary or related victim of that crime, or a person who has incurred funeral expenses as a direct result of the death of a primary victim;
  • the applicant is eligible to receive the financial assistance; and
  • the applicant is not eligible to receive financial assistance from another source for the loss or expense sought from the Tribunal.

The Tribunal may award financial assistance even though no person has been charged with, found guilty of, or convicted of an offence arising from the act of violence committed.

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