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How to Apply

Application form
This section contains information about how to make an application for financial assistance. You will find detailed information about who can apply and how to complete the Application for Assistance form under the menu headings to the left. Information about when and where to lodge an application for financial assistance is also contained in this section.

Applicants may be able to obtain financial assistance for their injury from other sources.  These sources are listed below and the Tribunal recommends that they are explored before an applicant makes an Application for Assistance from the Tribunal.

  • Workcover (if the incident occurred at work); or

  • Transport Accident Commission (if the incident involved a motor vehicle); or

  • The Police Assistance Act (if the victim was injured assisting the police); or

  • Medicare and/or Private Health Insurance (for some medical bills); or

  • The offender (if found guilty).

In determining the amount of financial assistance (if any) to be awarded to the applicant, the Tribunal will take into account any other payments received and may reduce the amount accordingly.  The Tribunal may also require reimbursement of any amount paid to the applicant if they are successful in claiming assistance from another source.


Further information may be obtained by contacting your local venue of the Tribunal or via email:

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