Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

Where to Apply

Online Applications

You can file an application for financial assistance online by clicking HERE

Generally, hard copy applications for assistance must be lodged at the venue of the Tribunal that is closest to the applicant’s place of residence. This will occur automatically if you apply using the online form.

All venues of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria are venues of the Tribunal.  Contact details for Tribunal venues are provided under the Tribunal’s Locations page.

If there is more than one applicant and they are not close family members, the application must be lodged at the venue of the Tribunal that is closest to the place where the incident occurred. For assistance in determining which Magistrates' Court is closest, you may wish to use the following feature on the Magistrates' Court website.

Applications to be filed with the Tribunal’s Principal Registry at Melbourne

Applications should be lodged at Melbourne in the following circumstances:

  • the applicant is a related victim
  • the applicant is a primary or secondary victim who is aware of the existence of a related victim
  • the applicant resides outside Victoria
  • the applicant identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and should be managed within the Tribunal’s Koori List.


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